Power industry

"Taldykorgan Transport Electronetwork " JSC became part of the Corporation in 2004. TATEK JSC is regional electro grid company, carrying out a transmission and distribution of electric energy for eight districts and two cities of Taldykorgan district of Almaty region. The service area of the company covers 125 thousand sq. M. km. The annual volume of electricity transmitted over the power lines of “TATEK” JSC reaches 1 billion KWh.

For providing of reliable stable power supply the specialists of company developed and implemented programs on repair and modernization of the fixed assets, investment projects for new construction and renovation of existing power networks. "TATEK" JSC is one of the first REGCs in Kazakhstan began work on the creation of the automated control systems and power metering (ASCAEP). In parallel, conducted systematic work on the replacement of obsolete meters at substations on modern electronic metering devices with long-term memory registers. Currently "TATEK" JSC provides maintenance and operation of more than 12 thousand Km of overhead power lines and 2 thousand substations.

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