Agrocomplex ZHERSU

Agricultural activities of the Corporation represented by two ZHERSU business structures: Alakol Agro complex and LLP "Bayserke Agro".

Alakol agro includes enterprises: "Company" Tau Samal LTD " LLP," Alakol Nan " LLP, " Alakol Agro” LLP “ Kayindi "LLP, also Alakol agro is the owner of large arable areas where grows all kinds of cereals. Seed products of agro included in the European register of "green products".

Industry: Crop production, breeding of cattle, horses, sheep.

Location - north-eastern part of the Almaty region near Alakol lake.

Land fund - about 160 thousand. Ha

Haymaking - about 10 thousand Ha

Arable land -more than 10 thousand Ha

Pastures - more than 130 thousand. Ha

Other land - about 10 thousand. Ha

Park of agricultural machinery - more than 250 units.

Agrocomplex includes cattle complex "Arkharly-maybuyrek" 10 thousand heads, dairy farm for 500 heads, 2 grain-collecting items, railway deadlocks with loading terminals, mechanized storage facilities on 28 thousand tons, laboratory of quality of grain, leguminous and oil-bearing crops.



"Bayserke-Agro" LLP is known in the markets of Kazakhstan and CIS countries as large producers of a wide range of grain mill products and mixed fodders for cattle and sheep, as well as granular feed for fish. The company is located in a fenced protected area of ​​19.1 ha in the suburb of Almaty.

Main activities: receiving, cleaning, drying, processing, storage and handling of agricultural raw materials, production of the foodstuffs and forage prepared to the use.

Flour production:

Highly imported equipment

Capacity - 120 tons / day

Production area - more than 5 thousand sq. M. m

Products are a high-grade wheat flour

Raw material is wheat from North Kazakhstan




Grinding shop

Capacity - 25 tons / day

Production area - about 2 thousand sq. M. m

Products - all types of cereals

Fodder shop

Performance - 100 tons / day

Products - compound feed for cattle, poultry, etc.


Grain drying complex

Production area - 2443 sq. m

Capacity - 70 tons / day

Macaroni shop
Highly imported equipment

Performance - 5 tons/day

Products - more than ten kinds of pasta

The company is equipped by the technical laboratory of control of quality of grain and products, storage facilities, granary and another building of auxiliary productions, and also by comfortable access roads.

In the field of agricultural "IIC« ZHERSU » LLP actively introduce advanced technology and equipment from Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy.